Firewood for sale

Seasoned Firewood for sale

Mixed hardwoods such as Walnut, Ash, Hackberry, Locust, Hickory and some Oak (sorry I Chrysanthemumdon’t have any all-oak available this year but all the wood I sell is quality hardwood that anybody experienced with firewood will recognize as being good wood to burn).

Prices are for face cords  –  meaning that in the old days a stack of wood was considered to have pieces which were 2 feet long.  These days the majority of fireplaces cannot fit a 2 ft piece of wood in them.  Therefore where once a  cord was considered to be 4ft tall and 16ft long and 2ft in width,   is sold here as a face cord where the pieces are only about 18 inches long instead of 2 ft.
$35 for an eighth (2 feet tall stack of wood that is 4 feet long)
$70 for a quarter (4 feet tall stack of wood that is 4 feet long)
$135 for a half  (4 feet tall stack of wood that is 8 feet long)

Delivery is available this year.  Add $30
I will stack the wood where ever I can get the truck to:

Picked Up:  Located at 16225 mission rd.
159th street and mission rd intersection. Go south. It is the only house on the east side of the road after you cross over the railroad tracks.

Call to place order and arrange time to pick up / have it delivered
913 787 0025


Tip on starting your fire.
1.  There’s a reason they use the word “build” a fire.  What works best is to use small pieces (never ones that are round) that have sharp or jagged edges to them.  Use many of these type of pieces and try to lay them so they are always crossing one another and never put them all facing the same direction such as you’d find in a box of toothpicks.  You want the exact opposite:   total chaos instead of order.

Once you have the fire going … you can then add the bigger pieces.  Round pieces are best used once the fire is going strong.  Even the most seasoned of round pieces can sometimes be resistant to your cause.

For overnight burning remember that knots burn longer than the other pieces so for that last log on the fire before bed … grab a particularly knotty looking piece.  It will likely be of some fair size anyway which will suit your purpose perfectly.

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