Firewood for sale

Seasoned Firewood for sale in south Overland Park KS – 913 787 0025

Also providing seasoned firewood to areas surrounding OPKS,  such as Olathe, Lenexa, Shawnee, Leawood, Stanley, Stiwell and most of Johnson and Miami county in KS as well as Kansas City, Grandview, Belton / Raymore in MO.

Currently I have seasoned Oak with a little bit of some or all of these other woods:  Ash,  Walnut, Wild Cherry, Hackberry, Maple, Locust and Hickory.

ChrysanthemumPlease note-
Cash only please.

When picking up you will have to load your own and are responsible for your own accidents or injury. Firewood chores are a strenuous and sometimes dangerous endeavor.

If picking up,   it is a good idea to bring cardboard to protect any parts of  your vehicle which you don’t want scratched by the wood.

The wait time for getting your firewood in Overland Park is usually not more than a couple of days and if picking up you can usually get it that day.
You will need to call ahead whether picking up or delivered.

Update 3/01/2016
Spring is nearly here and I have seasoned wood available for those seeking firewood for their outdoor fireplaces.  If you are getting firewood for your outdoor burning remind me to see if there are a couple of pieces of Hedge that can be added to your order because Hedge sparks a lot and can provide quite a show but this is ONLY for outdoor use when someone will be around to keep a constant eye on things.


Prices are for face cords  –  meaning that in the old days the pieces of wood were suppose to be 2 feet long.  These days the majority of fireplaces cannot fit a 2 ft piece of wood into them.  We firewood sellers do not feel that is our fault.  So please understand that while it is very little extra effort for us to cut a log to a length of 24 inches instead of 18,   it is a lot of extra effort to have to cut extra pieces to make up for the fact that our buyers have fireplaces that do not accommodate a 24 inch log.

The term cord while yes means an area 4ft by 4ft by  8ft = 128 cubic feet:   it was created with the intent that cutting and splitting two stacks of wood that are cut 2ft in length and then stacked  4ft high and 8ft long.  It takes the same manual effort,  which is what makes up the majority of the cost of a cord of firewood,   to create those two stacks of wood that are 4ft high and 8ft long,   regardless of whether the pieces are 18 inches in length or 24 inches.

The pieces of firewood that I sell are (roughly) 18 inches instead of the old standard which was 24 inches.  The stacks are the same 4ft by 8ft,  as always.

No trees were killed in the making of my firewood (this year).

No wood sold this year has come from trees which were cut down for the sole purpose of being firewood. *Stuff I didn’t cut is unknown origin.

Prices picked up
$35 for an eighth (2 feet tall stack of wood that is 4 feet long)
$70 for a quarter (4 feet tall stack of wood that is 4 feet long)
$140 for a half  (4 feet tall stack of wood that is 8 feet long)

Seasoned Maple Prices
$20 for an eighth
$40 for a quarter
$80 for a half

Delivery is available.  Add $25 for an eighth or a quarter,  half cords are $35.  That is dumped on your driveway or wherever my truck can reach that you desire.

Picked Up:  Located at 16225 mission rd.  At the 159th street and mission rd intersection go south and it is the only house on the east side of the road after you cross over the railroad tracks.

Call to place order and arrange time to pick up / have it delivered
913 787 0025



Tip on starting your fire.
1.  There’s a reason they use the word “build” a fire.  What works best is to use small pieces (never ones that are round) that have sharp or jagged edges to them.  Use many of these type of pieces and try to lay them so they are always crossing one another and never put them all facing the same direction such as you’d find in a box of toothpicks.  You want the exact opposite:   total chaos instead of order.

Once you have the fire going … you can then add the bigger pieces.  Round pieces are best used once the fire is going strong.  Even the most seasoned of round pieces can sometimes be resistant to your cause.

For overnight burning remember that knots burn longer than the other pieces so for that last log on the fire before bed … grab a particularly knotty looking piece.  It will likely be of some fair size anyway which will suit your purpose perfectly.

Getting smoke coming back into your house?
If this happens only on occasion then your problem is likely that the exhaust route needs to be warmed up in order to cause a good updraft.  Accomplish this easily simply by making sure that you start your fire big.  In other words use lots of smaller pieces so that the entire contents of your fireplace catch on fire and produce a lot of heat.  Using pieces which are big around in girth would be a bad idea.



About my prices

Despite great demand,   there simply isn’t enough money in firewood to merit trying to grow the business (IMHO,   it doesn’t take long before you realize you can make much better money in an abundance of different directions).   Which is why I suspect there aren’t any big businesses out there which are devoted to providing firewood to the public at any sort of discount in price when compared to what you can buy at a quickstop or grocery store.

When I started my prices were lower and I quickly found myself overwhelmed with orders.  I started doing this because I was getting so fat I was either going to have to join a gym or in my youth I hand-split firewood and it kept me in great shape,  so i chose the latter over paying to join a gym.

Since it is only me and I have no desire to increase the number of employees,  I have a limited supply to meet demand. Therefore I raise or lower my prices in accordance to the supply and demand equation.   When it starts getting too many calling I raise the price and vice-versa.

All that said,   NEVER GO WITHOUT FIREWOOD BECAUSE YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT IF THAT IS YOUR ONLY SOURCE OF HEAT!!!.   We will work out something,   just call me.    But I can’t help if you don’t make me aware of the situation.

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